The spirit of Devas


I’m always on the alert to write about new Iron Butterflies and what these determined and gentle women are up to. I welcome you to comment on an Iron Butterfly you know and admire. Share a story.   Or tell your story of a time you were courageously vulnerable or wish you had been.

 Here’s a story about one of the Iron Butterflies in my book, Janice Cook, an artist in London, that I interviewed several years ago. I met her in Covent Garden where she was selling her “devas” at an outdoor stand. Devas are sparkling fairy like creatures. Choosing a deva is a very intuitive process because each deva has a special message that will speak to your spirit.  I have one hanging in my kitchen window in New Hampshire. As it often happened when I spoke with Iron Butterflies, I had that “girlfriend!” feeling with Janice and liked her instantly. Her grit, her funkiness, playfulness and thoughtfulness made for a lively conversation.

Recently as I was wrapping up my book before it went to press,  in the eleventh hour my publisher told me I needed to get Janice’s permission to quote her otherwise  she’d have a pseudonym. I had tried locating her before but everytime time I punched in her website, another unrelated website came up. This try was no different. This time, out of desparation, I asked if a Janice Cook worked there. Someone responded saying they needed to know more.   I explained my situation and pretty quickly got a response from Brian who said he was Janice’s boyfriend and to call him.  I tried several times but couldn’t seem to connect.  I remembered seeing Brian once; a big guy with a kind face, tattoes and who was in a rock band.

Brian emailed me saying he didn’t want to tell me in this way, but Janice had died and the second anniversary of her death was approaching.  She had died of cancer, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I was devastated to hear the news. I tried calling him again and finally got in touch with him. We had a lovely heart felt conversation.

Brian now sits at the outdoor booth in Covent Garden selling her devas.  He uses Janice’s molds but they aren’t sparkly like hers. I could just imagine this big guy selling fairies. They call him the King of Fairies. He carries on and keeps Janice’s spirit alive.

I ended up sending him the transcript of our conversation which he shared with Janice’s brothers.  He sent me a deva necklace he made, and this one was the deva of appreciation. I love it.  It’s like their baby; a creation that comes from both of them.  So if you are in London’s Covent Garden, look for the big guy selling devas. There’s a special message waiting for you there.   And I got to quote Janice.


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